We understand the value of words.


Let’s cut to the chase. We have a simple pricing structure that ensures you remain in control of how much your job costs. And you even own these words at the completion of the job.

Most jobs start at 20c per word, plus any necessary research time (with the first 30 minutes free). Plus, you get to advise us of any changes needed at no extra cost.

Each word has been written, fact checked, its context examined for originality and ensured it is on-brief, changed if needed and then owned by you. And it still only costs you 20c.

We know how well-priced we are – especially for such high quality content as we produce. It’s all down to our innovative business structure, which ensures we are able to primarily focus on providing our clients with quality content at a small and very reasonable price.

How to Work With Us


There are two easy ways to enlist the help of Your Write.

1. The first way is to contact us directly by phone, email or online form and let us quote on an ‘as job’ basis.

  • You pay by the word.
  • The first 30 minutes of research is free.
  • You pay for any required research, with a standard rate per half hour, agreed up-front.
  • There are no surprises, no hidden costs – you just pay for each eloquent, well-crafted word.
  • After we have had one of our talented editors look over your job and submit the first draft, you feed back to us with everything you would like changed, tweaked, made more succinct, fleshed out or completely re-written – any changes you want. At no additional charge to you.
  • We make all the changes specified, have one of our talented editors look over it again to make sure that you will be 100% happy with the final product and release the final copy back to you.
  • From there, the words are yours – you own the copyright.

Prices start from 20c per word and this includes the first 30 minutes of research for free. Any additional required research (usually only reserved for more complicated jobs or topics) is $30 per half hour. There is a surcharge for work required with a short or very tight turnaround time. But all costs are agreed up front so there are never any surprises.


2. The second way is to purchase Credit Writes.

Many of our customers are regulars and repeat customers. They like to purchase Credit Writes; a block of words in advance which they can use up as they go.

This saves paying for smaller jobs with repeated invoices but it is also handy on larger jobs, where there is a payment deadline, such as a grant or award or the end of financial year. Credit Writes can then be used as required without having to worry about the financial implications of timing.

Credit Writes are non-transferable but have no expiry and can be used at any time on any job.