As one of the main editors (we have a team), I often talk with our writers about the importance of listening when they start a job.

Getting a good brief is an art in itself.  It isn’t so much about the answers you get, but more about the questions you ask and the way in which people respond.

All our writers research the customer in their own time.  When the client is a company, the internet makes that easy (or easy-ish).  However, when it’s an individual or small business owner, often there isn’t a lot about who they are and how they talk about themselves that’s readily available. And sometimes the information on the web is not the information that a company would necessary want to present to the world, be it negative or sometimes just completely inaccurate.  And sometimes companies just want to change the conversation, or at least the direction of the conversation by presenting different information in a different light.  This is a really important aspect for large and small businesses alike – they need to be able to influence the conversation.

So then, we, as writers or editors, need to listen.

Our writers listen as attentively as this gorgeous German Shepherd puppy


We need to get a sense of their values and what makes them tick, at the same time understanding what they want to say.

And it’s important to get it right because ultimately, our words become your words.  We need to ensure they are the right words.


Co-founder, Natasha Poynton