earth2-200x300At Your Write Pty Ltd we share a love of words and the belief everyone deserves to be able to effortlessly write what they want to say.  We’ve squeezed business planning in between parenting and everyday life (like moving house or watching our children start at new schools or start kindergarten for the first time!) because we wanted to see if we could make words affordable, and accessible to everyone.

And you know, because we didn’t feel we were busy enough. But mainly, because we LOVE what we do!

So Hello World!

Today it all starts.

Founding Directors, Natasha Poynton and Lana de Kort have had a busy few months.  Busy in a good way – Your Write took off when we launched last year and we were slightly unprepared for the high demand for our services and high volume of work (but who’s complaining!?).  It was a great learning curve and we very quickly got up to speed, including finding some BRILLIANT writers and editors join the Your Write stable of talent.  You can see some of our talented people by clicking on their names on the side bars.

On the back of that, at the end of the year, Your Write won the Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneur Award.  Needless to say, we were a bit chuffed. It has enabled us to streamline some of our processes behind the scenes, so that we can grow and grow and grow.

Now it is March in 2015 – a short 9 months into this amazing adventure and we have finally gotten around the putting up our first blog piece.  We promise that the 2nd one won’t take so long!

In the meantime, take a look around our site and step aboard this wonderful roller coaster adventure that we know (and love) as Your Write.