Q. What if I don’t like what you produce?
A. Our briefing process is designed to get into your head, so we have a full understanding of what you want. On top of that, we provide one free edit. If we don’t think we can deliver what you need, we’ll let you know up front so as not to waste your time or ours. But in two years, we’ve never had a business go away unhappy (and we bust our butts to ensure they don’t!).
Q. How do I know the content is original?
A. Your Write’s unique, two-step editing process ensures the work we produce has been edited twice. Plagiarism and incorrect referencing is a big issue in today’s market. It’s a subject that is near and dear to Lana’s heart because her first degree is in Librarianship. Together with our experienced editors and writers, we not only check every reference, but also scour all available resources to validate the originality and facts which are quoted in everything we produce.
Q. Can you really write anything?
A. The short answer is “Yes!”. We have skilled writers across diverse industries, as well as talented researchers on hand. We write websites, social media posts, blogs, opinion pieces, newsletter copy, newspaper columns, business proposals, grants, resumes, correspondence, annual reports, policies, procedures, induction manuals, technical specifications… and even a love letter!